I will miss you, dashboard

For years now, whatever year it was WordPress(.com) came out with the “new and improved editor” — which is on an interface that I feel supports mobile devices more so than your standard computers — bloggers and myself have speculated on the dashboard’s impending doom.

If you have a relatively young account, the dashboard may sound foreign to you if no one has told you that to get to your dashboard you would type into your browser http://yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin or http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Why? Because not too long ago WordPress(.com) took the convenient link away. Another cause for suspicion.

Well, today there is more. Plans, Appearance, Plugins, and Users options all have new window icons which automatically direct to the new improved interface. I guess it’s not really new at this point, but I am getting old. At least in the fact that technology is flying by me instead of me riding with it.

The only mobile devices I am fond of are my Apple Watch and my iPhone. Tablets, 2-n-1s, anything of that nature, I see as a big phone or a paperweight. The trend I am observing in technology for the mass consumers is moving more and more toward portability. And the software that supports mobile devices versus what supports web browsers on PC and Mac computers is still finding its legs.

The question is, will it find its legs, or are mass consumers slowly being led to a world where personal computers are becoming a thing of the past?

To close, I’m going to be seriously sad the day my dashboard disappears.

6 thoughts on “I will miss you, dashboard

  1. I had assumed the dashboard had disappeared in my six-month absence from blogging. I miss it and I’m so confused trying to use this new interface. I feel like a dinosaur – a T. Rex with short stubby arms that can’t manage a keyboard.

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    1. You can still access it! 🙂 Just put in your specific link of your blog and add: /wp-admin at the end.

      I think we need to start a petition. lol


    2. I love you. I followed the instructions in your post and then bookmarked my dashboard. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t search my archives by date the new way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  2. I am just trying to set up a blog for the first time and every bit of help i can find refers you to the dashboard. Have been looking for it for days. Thanks for letting me know it no longer exists.


    1. It does exist. They just no longer provide the link. You have to put in your browser address bar: yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin. Where ‘yourblogname’ is the name you created for your wordpress account/blog.

      WordPress seems like they’re trying to phase the original dashboard out. It’s been going on for years so whether they succeed or not is the question.


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