Time, Use it Wisely?

I am envious of people who can use their time wisely. And maybe, there could be wise time users who are envious of my wasting of time – or, to be kinder to myself, my “I do what I want when I want (when I’m not scheduled for work)” way of time use.

Or not.

Yesterday I woke up. I intended to do some cleaning after my copious amounts of coffee, but instead for the next 10-13 hours, I posted too much on Facebook and didn’t eat because I was too lazy to leave my house AND snubbing my nose at my delivery options.

For dinner, at 9:45 last night, I made italian seasoned turkey sausage with hot sicilian red sauce and ate it without the spaghetti.

I did however have a few moments of I should be doing something with my life aside from what I am doing now (and by now I mean working a part time job with pretty decent health benefits for a company that most people who are fans of would kill to work for, but ostensibly making no more than enough to live paycheck to paycheck on) — So I made a new FASFA (application for financial aid for school) and submitted it hoping the only criteria that would need to follow is the form that is begging for forgiveness for not holding my end of the bargain up with last time’s use of financial aid.

Long story, better left untold.

I view my job similar to the job I had as a pharmacy technician. Yes, I am employed. Yes, I am making enough to afford my bills. But do I want to work to pay bills for the next ten years (like I did as an Rx tech) or do I want to have a career that can afford my bills and savings toward my future, oh shit fund, plus those travelling ideas I have in mind? I am a single childfree woman, I should make enough to take whole care — physically, emotionally, financially and fun — of myself. Not just keep floating by paycheck to paycheck.

So yes, I am envious of wise time users. I hope to be one one day.





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