Seems to be the theme of the day, at least when I was at work. I had a pro-Trump customer today. And ironically, or not, he proclaimed there are two people in the world: Television News Watchers and Internet People and the IP are smarter than the TNWs because they get their information from a reputable source. Because if you didn’t know it, the internet cannot lie or manipulate or be biased like the Television media conglomerates.*

Sure, buddy.

Then as I was leaving a coworker of mine was on break so he walked out with me. We ended up discussing religion and belief. As an atheist, he feels – like pretty much a lot of nonreligious people – that religion was made by man, God made by man, to control the populous. Even as a semi-atheist/agnostic/whatever label they want to call it next, I cannot disagree because I, too, am nonreligious. But in essence, that is what every society is. Leaders come and make the rules and those are to guide the people. Basic definition if I say so myself.

This leads me to believe that no matter what one follows — religion, politics, anarchy — we are all brainwashed to a degree. It’s those more open-minded persons who take in everything who are probably the least brainwashed. The ones who can see two sides to a coin for what they are. Maybe if we incorporated more free-thought into our curriculum, we’d have a more peaceful society. One that is still governable and maybe a little more intelligent and compassionate.

*That last sentence is paraphrased, but is true to what he was saying.