I work in tech support at the company I work for. Basically I troubleshoot software for mobile devices as well as check them in if needing repair. On 4/28 I had a meeting with a manager and it wasn’t a good one. So possibly transferring to another department was an option. She said I could shadow someone in that department then decide if I would like to make the switch or try improve on where I am at.

Yesterday, she pulled me aside and said there was a position open in that department. She told me there wasn’t time to shadow and I had to make the decision that day.

I made a call to a friend and weighed the pros and cons. I decided to go ahead and make the switch. I told my manager and she asked me if I was sure a few times because no matter the decision, I couldn’t change my mind once I made it. I told her I was sure.

The department I am switching to is sales. I really hope I excel with it because if not, I may have just killed my career with this company.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

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