Cello Case

At the age of almost 33, with the only musical instrument I have played in my life being a triangle, I have the strong desire to learn the cello. According to the description on my Apple Music playlist, the cello is likened as the rhythm guitar of classical music. I wouldn’t know because truly, the only thing I know about music, is not much now that I am thinking about it.

Are you starting to get I was the second child? No dedicated baby photo album, no dance lessons or music lessons or extracurricular activities. I did attend a dance and vocal camp for a summer once. And I half-heartedly played a summer of softball… but mainly I liked freedom and friends so my mom was cool with that. My sister — more than one baby photo album, several extracurricular activities, and flute AND violin lessons.

Anyway, back to me. I’m not bitter. Occasionally, I have bouts of the second-child syndrome.

I am serious about this cello idea, though, I just have no idea where to begin. I mean having a cello or access to one would be preferable. Possibly a necessity. From the little research I have done in this last hour, music geared websites say cellos are not under 2,000. I have also learned to be careful purchasing online thanks to an Amazon reviewer who mentioned they took the cello to a music shop who said factory made cellos are warped. At the same time though, I am pretty flighty. I mean I have this idea now, but if I find the endeavor to be more challenging than I prefer, I am apt to move on from it relatively quickly. So suffice to say, an okay sounding beginner cello would probably make for better sense than investing thousands.

I just love the cello and I am curious about rewiring the brain by learning music. Not to heal, but to expand. Intelligence is enriching.


Photo by Ira Selendripity on Unsplash