Organic Chem 101

I wrote a post back in April called Organic Chemistry. In it, I explained how I wanted to meet someone naturally out in the world rather than on some app through the screen of my device. People have had wonderful success with online dating, I’m just not one of them.

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Friday seemed like an ordinary day at work. I now work in sales so it’s pretty upbeat. Jordan* came in with his son and was interested in purchasing a new phone. He was with a woman as well so I assumed they were a couple. Then shortly into the interaction, Jordan made a point to mention she’s a friend while she was off shopping in other parts of the mall. We ended up bantering and flirting through the interaction and then I walked him over to the setup table for a warm handoff. When we shook hands, he passed me a small folded piece of paper. I went to the back for my break and it was his number.

The first text to Jordan was “Chick-Fil-A or Sbarros?” because mall food courts = nutrition. Through the texting, we decided to make plans to go bowling the following night. At the bowling alley, I began throwing straight gutter balls. He kept telling me he can have the bumpers put up and I eventually resigned. When the bumpers were up on our second game, I hit them only once or twice. I never made a strike, but I did make a few spares. I think the bumpers helped in guiding how I threw the ball, as well as the fact I bowl funny and I was trying not to show him the first game. I do this thing where I hop before I go to swing the ball. Sans hopping the first game had me in the gutters and that’s my story on that.

On my Facebook, I have a few posts from when I went to a Pride Parade a couple of months ago. I receive a text from Jordan, “Can I ask you something? You can’t get mad.” I texted, “No promises.” He came back with, “Are you attracted to women?” And immediately my eyes rolled. I wasn’t thinking about my Facebook, I was thinking about the question I have received from some men who want to get down in threesomes. I stated, “I am attracted to attractive people, but I wouldn’t have sex with a woman.” Then I see, “So you’re not a lesbian?” and I laughed. I didn’t know where he got the notion at this point, so I said, “I think a major prereq for lesbians is sexual encounters with other women.” Then he says, “Oh okay, I wasn’t sure since you had the pride parade on your Facebook.” I came back with, “Love is love. But I am very hetero. You didn’t give your number to a lesbian. :: wink emoji::”

Last night we had dinner at Outback and it was amazing. I am looking forward to finishing the rest of my filet and slice of cheesecake sometime today.

Featured Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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