funny little doubts

School starts this month and I am excited to be back working toward a degree.

meme comparing what was planned to what actually happened.

The major I have chosen is Computer Science. I want to work in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning area and though I feel I am smart enough to go for it, I still have funny little doubts.

For instance, when I did my college entrance exam many moons ago, I tested into developmental math. So my first math course in the college was at the same level of what my nephew was learning in the 5th grade. Sad but true. Upside? Free homework helper!

Now for the computer science degree, you need college-level algebra, trig, precalculus, calculus with analytical geometry 1 and 2, chemistry, physics with calculus 1 and 2, and all of this has to be taken in the first two years to complete your associate’s and to go into your bachelor’s.

Pray for me.




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